Benefits of Test Driving

The steps of car buying are numerous and, unfortunately, tend to be lacking in the fun category. Very few people enjoy perusing their personal finances or talking to their insurance agent or one of those other tedious to-dos, but there is one important stage of the car-buying process that is actually a pretty good time: taking the test drive.


Test driving is essential if you want to make a well-informed and confident purchase, and here's why:


  1. Online, you'll find all the flashy features of every car under the sun, but you won't truly understand the functionality, ease of use, or your personal reaction to these features until you use them.
  2. Visibility & Drivability. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes - so do cars. You'll sit and see differently from one model to another, and test-driving will let you find your "goldilocks" configuration.
  3. There's just something about the right vehicle, a certain je ne seis "car" that you're not going to pick up on until you're behind the wheel. It's how the seat feels, how the steering wheel turns, how the buttons press. The more you sample, the more you know!


Our associates Jimmy Michel Motors are always happy to set you up for quick spin in your future car-to-be - pay us a visit for a test drive today!


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