Take Care Of Your 4WD And It Will Take Care Of You

If you own a vehicle that has AWD or 4WD, then you know how useful these features are. Whether you have to traverse muddy terrain or navigate inclement weather, having all four wheels active provides a great benefit. To keep this benefit intake, it is necessary to routinely perform maintenance on the transfer case.

The transfer case is a unique gearbox that has the job of distributing power to the wheels. In 4WD vehicles, the distribution is between the front and rear axle. In AWD vehicles, the distribution moves from one axle to the other. Degradation of the lubricating fluid that protects the gears happens eventually. Most manufacturers provide owners with the frequency that lubrication fluid should be changed to preserve the health of the gears.

If the time has come to get your transfer case checked and serviced, then don't hesitate to come see us at Jimmy Michel Motors Inc. We are conveniently located in Aurora to meet your needs.
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