Let Us Learn More About the 2018 Ford Edge

Ask most car enthusiasts what horsepower is, and most likely you will get a blank look. Jimmy Michel Motors Inc. gives you this information for free so that you have full knowledge of the Ford Edge.

The 2018 Ford Edge SUV is available in four models: Edge SE, Edge SEL, Edge Titanium, and Edge Sport. The Sport model has a 2.7-Liter V6 EcoBoost engine, which delivers 315 horsepower. The horsepower is a description of the work done over time and is 33,000 lb. per minute. The definition originates from James Watt, who is credited with innovating the steam engine.

But the Ford Edge Sport is about more than just horsepower. It also has an electric power-assisted steering and an intelligent all-wheel drive. The vehicles are fitted with adaptive steering and an independent front and rear suspension. The wheels are aluminum polished with magnetic low gloss painted pockets and hill start assist solutions.
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