An Overview of the Ford Fiesta ST Interior Features

The Ford Fiesta ST comes complete with an intuitive center counsel. This makes the operation of different features more user friendly.

The interior of the Ford Fiesta ST includes perfectly presented ambient lighting. The feature makes spending time in the car all the more enjoyable.

Another Ford Fiesta ST interior feature is painted metallic accents, if you so desire. This adds a vibrant, clean look to the interior of the car.

The Ford Fiesta ST interior can include leather trimmed seats, at your request. The trim combines sportiness and luxury in one full swoop.

If you should find yourself with questions about the Ford Fiesta ST, visit us at Jimmy Michel Motors Inc. at your convenience. We are located in Aurora, CO. Our experienced team can answer all your questions in regard to the Ford Fiesta ST. We also provide full service and maintenance for the Ford Fiesta ST.




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