Go from Ho-Hum to Remarkable with These Features on the Ford Taurus

With any artistic endeavor, the final touches are the difference between something that's ho-hum and a truly stunning piece of craftsmanship that makes you feel pride every time you look at it. If you're looking for a full-size sedan that has remarkable exterior detail, look no further than the Ford Taurus.

If you're looking for a distinctive feature that separates your vehicle from the rest, you'll like the grille on the SHO models of the Taurus. This grille has shining chrome and black mesh for a sophisticated look that's entirely its own.

You should also take a look at the headlamps and taillamps, which both add a sleek, refined appearance. The taillamps use LED bulbs, which light up faster and brighter, and they also need less frequent changes than the standard bulb. And the HID headlamps have a crisp appearance. Plus, when in the automatic mode, they automatically light up when the wipers are engaged, or the lighting is low.

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