A Ford Flex Can Keep Everyone Happy

If you have a lot to transport, the Ford Flex may make sense as your next vehicle. It's a three-row SUV that feels light on its feet, and it's becoming a popular choice at Jimmy Michel Motors Inc in Aurora, MO.

You can configure the SUV to your liking. It comes standard with a bench seat in the second row that holds three, but there's the option to install two bucket seats instead. It depends on whether you need that seat for an extra passenger or prefers to have a pass-through.

Whether you get the six- or seven-passenger Ford Flex, you'll have flexibility in terms of how you arrange the seating. All the rear seats can fold down, and to make it easier, there's an available PowerFold third-row seat that moves at the touch of a button. When the seats are put down in the back, the cargo space expands to 83.2 cubic feet.

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