Convenience At A Glance

When you drive the Ford Escape, you'll feel comfortable in the driver's seat while you have several convenient features right at your fingertips. Save time dealing with your keys with the pushbutton start. If you plan on carrying a lot of cargo, all you have to do is fold the seats down in the back for more room in the vehicle.

When you're getting everything out of the back of the vehicle, you can press on a lever to open the tailgate instead of using a door latch. You'll also be able to see where you're going when you're in reverse thanks to the backup camera.

While you're in Aurora, MO, lane departure assistance makes it easy to drive straight ahead. If there's not enough space inside the vehicle, then use the racks that are on top for more ways to haul all types of cargo. Jimmy Michel Motors Inc can show you how to strap items to the rails to keep them secure.

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