Android Auto brings drivers cutting-edge, in-car technology that keeps them connected, informed, and entertained wherever they go. This incredibly popular feature makes it easy for people to continue chatting with friends, sending and receiving texts, and listening to their favorite audiobooks and music, even as they brave the roads. Aurora, MO drivers can spend more of their commute time doing what they enjoy. At Jimmy Michel Motors Inc., we're committed to helping consumers explore the impressive benefits of innovative automotive features like this one.

Manage Your Daily Schedule with Google Assistant

For most professionals, there never seems to enough time in the day. Spending an hour or more in bumper to bumper traffic can be downright unnerving if you have urgent business to attend to. By bringing drivers the convenience of Google Assistant, however, Android Auto makes it possible for commuters to check their schedules, listen to important notifications, find information online, and more.

Queue Up Your Favorite Music or Listen to an Audiobook

With Android Audio and Google Assistant, it's also possible for drivers to queue up their audiobooks and play their favorite songs. With an entirely hands-free operation, Android Audio is designed to make it easier for multi-tasking motorists to keep their full focus on the road. To find out more about Android Auto, or to test drive a vehicle with this popular, in-car technology, visit Jimmy Michel Motors Inc. today.

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