At Jimmy Michel Motors Inc, we know that people who are serious about power often look to SUVs. If that sounds like you, we're proud to carry the Ford Flex. This popular three-row midsize SUV uses technology to deliver the perfect balance of power and performance, so you can maximize every drive.

It all begins with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, which is designed to blend power and efficiency. It's apparent from the moment you step on the accelerator — you'll have 365 horsepower at your disposal. Plus, with its unique direct-injection technology, this system gives you instant force.

Planning to venture onto rough terrain? The Ford Flex's AdavnceTrac system gives you stability and security. The magic is in the gyroscopic sensors, which communicate with the engine and braking systems to keep you upright. Test it out in Aurora, MO when you visit us to take a test drive.

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