The Ford EcoSport is easy to drive on busy highways because it has a helpful system that monitors traffic patterns. Because the system uses strategically placed sensors, it alerts when another automobile is in a blind spot.

Ford's Blind Spot Information System has a Cross Traffic Alert. Both technologies work together to track where other vehicles are on the road using a radar. The blind spot system relies on the radar to pinpoint cars in lanes on highways, and the Cross-Traffic Alert hardware activates the radar to detect automobiles that are behind the EcoSport as it backs up in a parking zone. If a vehicle is 15 yards away from the EcoSport, the radar will sense it. As this happens, a driver gets a visual and audible alert in the cabin.

These features function well on local highways in Aurora, MO. If you want to check them out, you can test different systems during a test drive. Jimmy Michel Motors Inc is a great place where you can learn about Ford technologies and set up a test drive.

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