Our Aurora, MO Jimmy Michel Motors Inc. team consists of die-heard Ford Expedition fans. We love its impressive towing and hauling as well as its roomy cabin and advanced tech features. What tech features? We selected a few for your info. Take a look.

The Lane-Keeping System

Now it's easier than ever to stay in your lane. The Ford Expedition's Lane-Keeping System detects unintentional lane-drifting, issuing alerts each time. After a series of repeat alerts, the Ford Expedition illuminates a coffee cup icon in its digital instrument cluster, a reminder that you should pull over and take a break.

Watching Your Back

The Ford Expedition helps you make more informed decisions about when to merge or change lanes. Its Blind Spot Information System detects vehicles that enter either of your blind spots, issuing a visual or an audio alert. The same feature works with a Cross-Traffic Alert, a safety innovation that gives you an alert when traffic crosses behind you as you back out of a parking spot.

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