Technology Spotlight - FordPass

Now that cars are smarter and smartphones are more prevalent, car manufacturers are able to design ways for smartphones to improve the driver's experience. Such is the case with the new FordPass app, available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. FordPass keeps Ford owners in touch with their vehicles with easy-to-use, accessible features. Things like car maintenance, payments and parking are integrated into the daily grind more smoothly with the FordPass app.

On-the-go options are made possible with FordPass accounts. You can make your vehicle payments through the app, schedule your next payment or view your account history from your smartphone. You can also view your vehicle's service history and information with a swipe of the finger. Cars that feature Ford's Sync Connect allow you to use your FordPass to lock, unlock or start your car remotely. You can even schedule an automatic start time so that your vehicle is ready when you are.

The FordPass app takes some of the stress away from visiting larger cities or taking road trips. A parking tool allows you to search an area for parking ahead of time and in some cases reserve it. By filling in your card information, you can even pay for your reserved parking before you leave, making a trip out of town a breeze.

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