Why Buy Winter Tires

One of the most important factors in safe winter driving are a vehicle's tires. Regular tires, especially those with bad tread or low air pressure, are downright dangerous in winter weather. Fortunately, the market offers winter tires, made to handle snow, ice and cold temperatures.

As a resident of Missouri, you should definitely own a set. Here's why.


1.  Winter tires are made with a different rubber than regular tires.     While standard tires become stiff in cold weather, winter tires   remain flexible at below-freezing temperatures.


2. The handling is great and it's easier to make last-second corrections in traffic.


3.  Winter tires are better stopping braking in the show. You can brake up to three times faster in winter tires compared to regular tires.


4.  The tread on winter tires is designed specifically to perform best in cold weather conditions.


5.  It's much easier to keep control of your car in both the snow and on wet roads with winter tires. It used to be that winter tires, then called "snow tires," were only good in the snow. Once the snow melted, they didn't work as well. Today's winter tires, however, give you control on snow, ice and wet pavement.


Even if you're an experienced winter driver, investing in winter tires is a good idea. Not only do they help you drive with control and precision, but they will allow you to have more reaction time to drivers who are not as careful. Consider upping your safety with winter tires this season.

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