Top 5 Credit Score Influencers

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Credit Score Influencers:

Knowing what influences your credit score is the best way to figure out the steps you need to take to improve your score. Here are the five biggest factors that impact your credit score.

Payment history is the number one factor in determining your credit score and makes up 35% of the score. Making payments regularly and on time keeps this part of the score higher.

The second biggest factor is amounts owed, which is 30% of your score. People with very large quantities of debt will have a lower score than people with no debt or small amounts of debt.

Length of credit history is 15% of your score. Unfortunately, this is one that can only improve with time. Lenders are just more likely to trust someone with a long history of credit and a stable longtime career than a young person in a new job.

Ten percent of your score is how much new credit you have. If you open up a lot of lines of credit at once or have a lot of credit inquiries, your score will be lower than if you have a small number of credit lines that you've had for a long time.

Finally, the last 10% of your score is about what kinds of credit you have. It's good to have a few different kinds of credit, like a mortgage, student loans, and credit cards, for example. Don't worry too much if you don't have a wide variety of credit, though, as this makes up a small part of your score.

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